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ยป Summer 8s 2007

Summer 8s 2007

A total of 7 Christ Church crews competed in Summer Eights 2007.

The Men's 1st VIII rowed over for two days before being bumped by Oriel on Friday. On Saturday they were unlucky not to bump Oriel back before eventually falling to Univ to finish 6th on the river.

The Women's 1st VIII produced good row overs on each day. Despite appearing to have the edge in boat speed over Hall they never quite managed to close the gap and finished in 2nd position behind Teddy Hall.

The results for the other crews are as follows:


Wed: bumped by Magdalen II

Thu: rowed over

Fri: rowed over

Sat: rowed over

Finished 7th in Div III


Wed: bumped by St Anne's II

Thu: bumped by Trinity III

Fri: bumped by Pembroke V

Sat: bumped by Queen's IV

Finished 12 in Div VI


Wed: bumped by Mansfield II

Thu: rowed over

Fri: rowed over

Sat: bumped Mansfield II

Finished 4th in Div VII


Wed: rowed over

Thu: bumped Linacre II

Fri: bumped St Peter's I

Sat: bumped by St Peter's I

Finished 12th in Div III


Wed: bumped Hertford IV

Thu: bumped Hertford III

Fri: bumped by New III

Sat: bumped by Hertford III

Finished 4th in Div VI

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