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ยป Torpids 2008

Torpids 2008

The House had a truly excellent Torpids on both sides of the Boat Club- the best in some years. A great deal of effort had gone into preparing the crews from October – including the appointment of two professional coaches, long outings at Wallingford and a January training camp on the Tideway in London. This delivered spectacularly.

The Men’s First Torpid rose six places, to finish Fourth on the River (after having rowed only 2minutes and 18 seconds in total over the four nights). They were plainly the fastest thing on the water and other college crews succumbed swiftly to their attack right off the start. It is very unlikely that the three crews ahead could have held them off over a full course. The Second Torpid also did well, rising three places – two of them on college first boats – but missing out on a blade.

As for the Ladies, they started off Sixth on the River – and finished a thrilling Third after an early disaster that was turned into triumph by a combination of sheer guts and hard-won experience. Bumped by old rivals Teddy Hall on the Wednesday, the crew rallied superbly and went on to bump the Queen’s the next day (who then bumped Osler) and – on Friday – to bump the Hall right back at the foot of the Green Bank. Two more bumps up on the Saturday brought the highest-ever Torpids position of Third – and richly deserved too. So, Fourth for the Men and Third for the Ladies – Torpids 2009 should be exciting

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