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ยป Engraved Gems Exhibition Opening

Engraved Gems Exhibition Opening

On the 16 January 2013 a new exhibition opened in the Library at Christ Church. This exhibition is the result of a unique collaboration with the Oxford University Classical Art Research Centre (CARC) It takes the opportunity to display gems and replicas from Oxford’s Beazley Archive, as well as beautiful intaglios and cameos from private collections, alongside some of the treasures of the book-collection of Christ Church Library. The exhibition opened with a talk by Sir John Boardman, Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, Emeritus. The talk was followed by a reception in the Upper Library. Engraved Gems and the Classical Tradition is curated by Dr Claudia Wagner, assisted by Dr Cristina Neagu.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Sanne Christensen, who was instrumental in getting the proposal accepted by the Library committee. Thanks are due to Dr Peter Stewart, Director of CARC, Professor Hugh Williamson, Professor Chris Pelling and the Christ Church Library committee for allowing us to go ahead. Sir John Boardman and Diana Scarisbrick, research associate of the Beazley Archive, gave encouragement and invaluable advice. Thanks to Diana and the kind assistance of Nicholas Norton of S. J. Phillips we can exhibit two of the most important original cameos. Richard Falkiner generously made his collection available. Thanks are due to Alastair Scott-Villiers, and to Megan Price, who organized the loan of neoclassical gems from Gertrud Seidmann’s collection. Jane Eagan and the Oxford Conservation Consortium built cradles for the books and undertook the task of mounting the labels.

The exhibition will be open between 16 January to 3 May 2013. Visiting hours Monday - Friday: 9.30 am - 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm (provided there is a member of staff available in the Upper Library).

Photographs by David Stumpp and Cristina Neagu

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