Music Trust

Christ Church Cathedral Music Trust

The formation of the Music Trust was prompted by a strategic commitment from Christ Church permanently to guarantee the quality and standing of the Choir, as it is of fundamental importance to the College, the Cathedral and the wider community. The main aims of the Trust are:

1. To preserve, in perpetuity, a tradition of the best choral music at Christ Church, through endowment of 60% of its cost.

2. Within that target, to increase scholarship funding for Choristers to 100% of school fees, in line with other world-class Cathedral choirs, to ensure that affordability is no impediment to Christ Church attracting the best voices.

3. To support, in partnership with the Friends of Christ Church Cathedral, ancillary facilities and projects, befitting a choir of such quality.

Supporting the Trust

If you are interested in supporting the Trust, or would simply like to find out more, please download our brochure below or contact the Cathedral Registrar, John Briggs:  

 ChCh Music Trust brochure.pdf