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» Peace and Quiet Days for teachers

Peace and Quiet Days for teachers

Come on an inset day to Christ Church Cathedral and spend some time together as a Staff in stillness and reflection. 

Burne Jones Window. Photo:RWOpportunities to:

- learn techniques to allow you space for you own spiritual life in amongst the day's busyness.

- consider your own spiritual needs and those of the children you teach.

- discover the hidden meaning of church buildings, their signs and symbols.

A 5-hour session costs £100 (plus VAT)

Some Comments:

'Thank you so much for today it was truly inspiring.  I really enjoyed it and felt that it had a good mix of information, relaxation and interest.'

'What a fab day we've just had - it was brilliant!!  I must admit that I didn't know quite what to expect, but I enjoyed everything so much.  The meditation techniques offered a real insight into just how busy my poor old brain must be and I am determined to put into practise what I have learnt today.  The day gave me the opportunity to think about ME - how often do we get the chance to do this?!'

To book a session please contact Jackie Holderness, Cathedral Education Officer

Telephone 01865 286003 or


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