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ยป The Marchese Enrico VISCONTI-VENOSTA

The Marchese Enrico VISCONTI-VENOSTA

Born: May 3rd 1887

Died: March 4th 1945

He was born in Milan, the second son of The Marchese Emilio Visconti-Venosta  [1829-1914] who was Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Italy for five terms between 1863-1901.

Known as Rori, he was up at Christ Church from 1906 until 1907.

He was a writer and letters from him written between 1921 and 1937, are held in the Bernard Berenson Collection at Harvard University.

He was a member of the Chess Club of Rome.

He was attached to the 15th Army Group when he was killed in action against the Germans in the Apennines on March 4th 1945.

His elder brother the Marquess Giovanni Visconti Venosta, died in 1947. He had inherited the Villa Cavour and left it to the city of Turin in his will. It is surrounded by a 19-hectare estate, which still contains labourers’ cottages, the chapel of the Madonna della Neve, a vineyard and “la Margherita” farmstead. The funeral chapel of the Bensos of Cavour and the Cavouriano Museum can also be visited here. The extensive English-style garden, with centuries-old trees, is particularly delightful.

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