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Visiting Choirs

The Cathedral welcomes choirs from all over the world to sing at its services, when its own choirs are out of residence. Choirs can sing for a whole week in the summer months (usually end of July through to the end of August), although these often get booked at least a year in advance. Week long residencies begin on Tuesday and end with Choral Evensong on Sunday. Occasionally it is possible to sing for a single evening service at other times of the year, when the Cathedral Choir, or the Cathedral Singers are away recording or giving a concert. Choirs who are interested in coming to Christ Church for such a residency are asked to contact the Precentor Please give details of your choir's name, personnel, repertory and possible dates of a visit. He will take your request to the Dean and Chapter, who invite all choirs to the cathedral. A CD or tape cassette of the choir in action, with examples of its repertory, is extremely helpful for the Chapter as well.

Chamber Choir of the Dresden Frauenkirche. Photo: RW

We currently have the following dates available for choirs to sing services during August (2015):

Wednesday 26th (Choral Evensong)
Thursday 27th (Sung Eucharist)

Please email or if you are interested in any of the above dates.

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