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Academic & Research Staff

Below is a list of Senior Members of Christ Church involved in teaching or research. Click on the name to read about their role in the college, their research interests and links to their other sites.

The Dean

The Very Rev'd Professor Martyn Percy


Tutors, Ordinary Students and Canon Professors

Professor Dirk Aarts (Chemistry)

Dr Katya Andreyev (Modern History)

Professor Sir John Bell (Medicine)

Dr Gergely Bérczi (Mathematics)

Professor Nigel Biggar (Theology and Religion)

Professor Richard Barker (Management)

Professor Mishtooni Bose (English)

Dr Anna Camilleri  (English) 

Professor John Cartwright (Law)

Dr Anna Clark (Ancient History)

Professor Stephanie Cragg (Medicine)

Professor Jonathan Cross (Music)

Professor Simon Dadson (Geography)

Professor Stephen Darlington (Music)

Professor Roger Davies (Astrophysics) 

Professor Jason Davis (Chemistry)

Professor Mark Edwards (Theology and Religion)

Professor Sarah Foot (Theology and Religion)

Dr Martin Grossel - Emeritus Student (Organic Chemistry)

Professor David Hine (Politics)

Professor Sam Howison (Mathematics)

Dr Belinda Jack (French)

Professor Geraldine Johnson (History of Art)

Professor Jan Joosten (Hebrew)

Professor Lindsay Judson (Philosophy)

Professor Edward Keene (Politics)

Professor Kayla King (Biology) 

Professor Axel Kuhn  (Physics)

Professor Malcolm McCulloch (Engineering)

Professor Peter McDonald (English)

Professor Kevin McGerty (Mathematics)

Dr Dominic Moran (Spanish)

Professor Sarah Mortimer (History)

Professor Stefan Neubauer (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Professor Simon Newstead (Biochemistry)

Professor David Nowell (Engineering)

Professor Dirk Obbink (Greek Literature)

Professor Judith Pallot (Geography)

Professor Brian Parkinson  (Experimental Psychology)

Professor Christopher Pelling (Greek)

Professor Richard Rutherford (Classics)

Professor Joseph Schear (Philosophy)

Professor Edwin Simpson (Law)

Dr Benjamin Spagnolo (Law)

Professor Emmanuela Tandello (Italian)

Professor David Upton (Operations Management)

Professor Richard Wade-Martins (Medicine)

Professor Graham Ward (Theology and Religion)

Professor Ian Watson (French)

Professor Guy Wilkinson (Physics)

Dr Jennifer Yee (French)

Professor Brian Young (Modern History)



Dr Michaël Abecassis (French)

Dr Dunja Aksentijevic (Biochemistry)

Dr Olaf Ansorge (Neuroanatomy)

Dr Rowena Archer (Medieval History)

Dr Sophie Archer (Philosophy)

Dr Farrukh Azfar (Physics) 

Dr Olga Barrera (Engineering) 

Dr Anton Bitel (Classics)

Dr Keith Brain (Pharmacology)

Professor Christopher Breward (Mathematics)

Professor Philip Bullock (Russian)

Dr Alessandro Carlucci MT 2014

Dr Chiara Carpita (Italian) 2014

Ms Rebecca Cotton-Barratt (Mathematics)

Mr Marc Deckers (German Lektor)

Dr Leif Dixon (Early Modern History) for HT14 and TT14

Dr Robert Frazier (Philosophy)

Mr James Gilbert (Clinical Medicine)

Professor Martin Goodman (Roman History)

Dr Stephen Harris (Biological Sciences)

Dr Christopher Hollings (Mathematics)

Dr Michael Kohl (Medicine)

Dr Timothy Littlewood (Medicine)

Mr Alexander Lunt (Engineering)

Dr John Ma (Ancient History)

Dr David Maw (Music)

Dr Simon McIntosh (Engineering)

Dr Alan Merchant (Physics)

Mr Roy Norton (Spanish)

Mr Marius Ostrowski (Politics)

Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou (Modern Greek)

Dr Claudia Pazos Alonso (Portuguese) 

Dr Jacinta Pires  (Economics)

Mr Peter Rhoades  (Fine Art)

Professor Ian Roberts  (Pathology)

Dr Sara Robertson (Psychology) 

Dr Severin Schroeder (Philosophy)

Dr Kathryn Scott (Biochemistry)

Dr Benjamin Skipp (Music)

Dr Shaun Thein (Medicine)

Dr Sam Thompson (Chemistry)

Ms Jacqueline Thalmann (History of Art)

Dr Louise Upton (Medicine)

Mlle Cecile Varry (French Lectrice for 2014/15)

Professor Robert Vilain (German)

Dr Robert Wilkins (Physiological Sciences)

Dr Richard Willden (Engineering) 2012/13

Professor John Maitland Wright (Mathematics)

Professor Laure Zanna (Climate Physics)


Junior Research Fellows

Ms Harriet Boyd-Bennett  (Music)

Dr Laura Ferguson (Zoology)

Dr Sam Ferguson (French)

Dr Anna-Maria Hartmann (Christopher Tower - Greek Mythology)

Ms Ros Holmes (History of Art)

Dr Luke Jostins (Biology) 

Mr Nils Kolling (Pyschology)

Dr Anna Plassart (History)

Dr Enrico Prodi (Classical Literature)

Dr Angkana Rüland (Mathematics)

Mr (Robert) Alastair Sloan (Natural Sciences)

Dr Sophie Smith (Political Thought) 

Mr Manuel Tropiano (Chemistry) 

Mr Robert Watt (Philosophy)

Dr Rebekah White (Psychology)

Dr Christian Yates (Mathematics)

Dr Irwin Zaid (Mathematics & Physics)


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Laura Carlson (Law)

Dr Patrick Farrell (Mathematics) 

Dr Brianna Heazlewood (Millard & Lee Alexander Postdoctoral Fellow - Chemistry)

Mr John Lowe (Linguistics)

Dr James Orr (McDonald Postdoctoral Fellowship - Theology)

Dr Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper (Philosophy)

Dr Bihani Sarkar (Oriental Studies)

Dr Elisa Schaar (Art History)

Dr Fabian Schneider (Hintze Research Fellow - Astrophysics)

Dr John Stott (Hintze Research Fellow - Astrophysics)

Dr Andreas von Goldbeck (Law)


Fowler Hamilton Visiting Research Fellows

Professor Mark Wrathall (Philosophy) from 01.09.14 


Research Students

Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones (Medicine)

Professor John Ryan  (Physics)


Senior Associate Research Fellow

Dr Thorsten Hesjedal (Physics)

Professor Graham Ogg  (Senior Research Fellow - Medicine) 

Professor David Stuckler (Population Health and Development)

Dr Thomas Thornton (Environmental Change & Management)



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