Christ Church Crest

2001 Crews

Women's A, ChCh Regatta 2001

Bow: Napaporn Sathorn

Two: Victoria Dare

Three: Charlotte Valori

Four: Laura Griffiths

Five: Rachael Fowler

Six: Fleur Ashton

Seven: Kristin Voigt

Stroke: Emma Knott

Cox: Lee Hasell

Coach: Jonathon Green and Simon Webb


1R: Beat Magdalen B

2R: Beat Jesus A

3R: Beat Linacre A


Men's 1st VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Georgios Peridas

Two: Lee Hasell

Three: Brendan Cole

Four: Jonathon Green

Five: Matthew Langton

Six: Charles Raffin

Seven: Sam Bailey

Stroke: Robin Bourne-Taylor

Cox: Jeremy Moncrieff

Coaches: Peter Buchanan, Ian Lawson, Hubert Matthews and Jonathan Carley


Wed: Bumped Jesus

Thu: Bumped St Edmund Hall

Fri: Bumped New

Sat: Bumped Magdalen


Men's 2nd VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Daniel Popov-Gould

Two: Julian Walker

Three: David Livesey

Four: Adam Cleevely

Five: Alex Skinner

Six: Michael O'Neill

Seven: Philip Wilson

Stroke: Tomasz Domanski

Cox: Richard “Leo” Lester

Coaches: Jonathan Carley and Matthew Swann


Wed: Bumped by Lincoln II

Thu: Rowed Over

Fri: Rowed Over

Sat: Bumped by Liancre


Men's 3rd VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Michael Taylor

Two: Samuel Bootle

Three: Edward Hall

Four: Philip Day

Five: Eric Allen

Six: Jonathan Barton

Seven: Sean Murray

Stroke: James Duffy

Cox: Peter Douglas

Coach: Alex Skinner


Wed: Rowed Over

Thu: Bumped by St Anthony's

Fri: Bumped by Mansfield II

Sat: Bumped by Pembroke IV

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Men's 4th VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Sebastian Falk

Two: Edward Westhead

Three: Samuel Brooks

Four: Mark Lynagh

Five: Kingsley Ford

Six: William Sampson

Seven: Christopher Edwards

Stroke: Thomas Speight

Cox: Michael Holt


Wed: Bumped by Linacre III

Thu: Bumped by Lincoln IV

Fri: Rowed Over

Sat: Rowed Over


Men's 5th VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Tom Gentleman

Two: Nicholas Paisner

Three: Robin Holden

Four: Frederick Bosanquet

Five: Michael Davern

Six: Christopher Skidmore

Seven: Robin Ganguly

Stroke: Benedict Protheroe

Cox: Siu Ha Tang

Coach: Joanne Ord


Did not Row On


Women's 1st VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Joanne Doherty

Two: Juliet Walton

Three: Joanne Ord

Four: Annette Cumming

Five: Vanessa Wiltshire

Six: Claire Beddows

Seven: Emily Timmis

Stroke: Helen Hartwell

Cox: Simon Webb

Coaches: Peter Hackworth, Mark Vickers and Graham Purves


Wed: Bumped Wolfson, Rowed Over

Thu: Rowed Over x2 as Sandwich Boat

Fri: Rowed Over x2 as Sandwich Boat

Sat: Bumped by Brasenose

Finished 2nd in Division II

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Women's 2nd VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Christine Elsner

Two: Fiona Kimberly

Three: Katherine "Lynne" Bennette

Four: Claire Overbury

Five: Liina Luukkonen

Six: Fiona Richardson

Seven: Caroline Bick

Stroke: Alison Garrow

Cox: Christopher Bryant

Coach: Rebekah Coleman


Wed: Bumped St Hugh's

Thu: Bumped St Catherine's II

Fri: Bumped Lady Margaret Hall II

Sat: Bumped by Lady Margaret Hall II


Women's 3rd VIII, Eights 2001

Bow: Freya Howard

Two: Lena Al-Shammari

Three: Nicola Hall

Four: Helen Odom

Five: Delia Burnham

Six: Ruth Cowen

Seven: Emma Jones

Stroke: Susan Braun

Cox: Karen Lucas


Did not Row On


Men's 1st Torpid, Torpids 2001

Bow: Lee Hasell

Two: Alex Skinner

Three: Tomasz Domaski

Four: Brendan Cole

Five: Jonathon Green

Six: Georgios Peridas

Seven: Charles Raffin

Stroke: Sam Bailey

Cox: Simon Webb

Coaches: Peter Buchanan , Ian Lawson, Hubert Matthews and Jonathan Carley


Wed: Rowed Over

Thu: Bumped New College

Fri: Rowed Over

Sat: Rowed Over


Men's 2nd Torpid, Torpids 2001

Bow: William Mullins

Two: James Donaldson

Three: Patrick Smith

Four: Christopher Edwards

Five: Thomas Speight

Six: Scott Goodall

Seven: Timothy Filtness

Stroke: Alan Rafferty

Cox: Holly Brodie


Wed: Bumped by St Anne's

Thu: Bumped by Pembroke II

Fri: Bumped by Somerville

Sat: Bumped Corpus Christi


Men's 3rd Torpid, Torpids 2001

Bow: Philip Day

Two: Michael Taylor

Three: Till Starke

Four: Eric Allen

Five: Adam Cleevely

Six: David Livesey

Seven: Julian Walker

Stroke: Philip Wilson

Cox: Richard "Leo" Lester / Peter Douglas

Coaches: Alex Skinner and Tomasz Domanski


Wed: Racing Cancelled

Thu: Rowed Over

Fri: Bumped Mansfield II

Sat: Rowed Over

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Women's 1st Torpid, Torpids 2001

Bow: Claire Beddows

Two: Katharine Jackson

Three: Joanne Ord

Four: Joanne Doherty

Five: Carolin Thielking

Six: Laura Abbots

Seven: Helen Hartwell

Stroke: Emily Timmis

Cox: Camilla West

Coach: Graham Purves and Thomas Litt


Wed: Bumped Lincoln

Thu: Rowed Over

Fri: Bumped University

Sat: Bumped by Oriel






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