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ยป Dr Abi Stone

Dr Abi Stone


DPhil (Oxon) MSc (London), MA BA (Oxon)

Role or Position

Stipendiary Lecturer in Physical Geography

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Academic Background

Abi studied Geography at Keble College, Oxford (2000-2003) and then completed an MSc in Quaternary Science at Royal Holloway, University of London (2003-2004), and a DPhil (2005-2009) back at Oxford on reconstructing terrestrial environments in southern Africa during the Quaternary period. She has been teaching in Oxford since 2005 as a college lecturer at Keble, across a number of other colleges and in the department for the option paper in Quaternary Science. She has worked as a Post Doctoral Research Assistant with Professor Heather Viles, and her is currently a Research Associate, funded by the Thesiger-Oman International Fellowship from the Royal Geographical Society, the British Society for Geomorphology and the Oxford Fell Fund. She is currently also a Stipendiary College Lecturer in Physical Geography at Keble College and College Lecturer (for sabbatical cover) at Worcester and St Hilda's.

Undergraduate Teaching

Physical Geography, Environmental Geography, Research Methods and Techniques core papers. Quaternary Science option paper.

Research Interests

Environmental change, Quaternary Science, Geomorphology, Groundwater resources, southern Africa.

Publications include

Stone, A.E.C., Viles, H.A., Thomas, L. and van Calsteren, P. (2010) Can 234U-230Th dating be used to date large semi-arid tufas? Challenges from a study in the Naukluft Mountains, Namibia. Journal of Quaternary Science, 25(8): 1360-1372.
Telfer, M.W., Bailey, R.M., Burrough, S., Stone, A.E.C., Thomas, D.S.G. and Wiggs, G.S.F. (2010) Understanding linear dune chronologies: Insights from a simple accumulation model. Geomorphology, 120(3-4): 195-208.
Stone, A.E.C., Thomas, D.S.G. and Viles, H.A. (2010) Late Quaternary palaeohydrological changes in the northern Namib Sand Sea: New chronologies using OSL dating of interdigitated aeolian and water-lain interdune deposits. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 288(1-4): 35-53.
Stone, A.E.C. and Thomas, D.S.G. (2008) Linear dune accumulation chronologies from the southwest Kalahari, Namibia: challenge of reconstructing Late Quaternary palaeoenvironments from aeolian landforms. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27(17-18): 1667-1681.
Blockely, S.P.E., Pyne-O'Donnell, S.D.F., Lowe, J.J., Matthews, I.P., Stone, A., Pollard, A.M., Turney, C.S.M., and Molyneux, E.G. (2005) A new and less destructive laboratory procedure for the physical separation of distal glass tephra shards from sediments. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24(16-17): 1952-1960.


Sports, travel, photography, live music.


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