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Andrea Gamberini

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Andrea Gamberini


Ph.D, F.R.Hist.S.

Role or Position

Fowler Hamilton Visiting Research Fellow

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Academic Background

Andrea is Professore Aggregato of Medieval History at the University of Milan. He has been a Visiting Professor at Kyoto University, and a Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, then elected a Life Member.

Research Interests

His research interests focus on Late Medieval Italy and fall into three main strands: political and constitutional history (with special attention for the state-building process, the relationship between city and countryside in the post-communal period, and the political culture of landed aristocracy), ecclesiastical history (mainly the episcopate), and political languages in Early Renaissance Italy.

Publications include

His main publications include monographs: Oltre la città. Assetti territoriali e culture aristocratiche nella Lombardia del tardo Medioevo (Rome: 2009); Lo stato visconteo. Linguaggi politici e dinamiche costituzionali (Milan: 2005); and La città assediata. Poteri e identità politiche a Reggio in età viscontea (Rome: 2003); as well as edited volumes: (With I. Lazzarini eds.) The Italian Renaissance State (Cambridge: 2012); (with J.-Ph. Genet and A. Zorzi, eds.), The Languages of the Political Society (Rome: 2011); (with G. Petralia, eds.) Linguaggi politici nell'Italia del Rinascimento (Rome: 2007);  (with G. Badini, eds.) Medioevo reggiano. Studi in ricordo di Odoardo Rombaldi (Milan: 2007).



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