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ยป Dr Anna Camilleri

Dr Anna Camilleri

Dr Anna Camilleri


 BA English Language and Literature (Durham, 2006); MA in English Literary Studies (Durham, 2007); D.Phil. (Oxford, 2012)

Role or Position

Fixed Term Student (Career Development Fellow) in English

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Academic Background

2003-2007: University College, Durham; 2007-2013: Balliol College (College Lecturer in English from 2009).

Undergraduate Teaching

Literature in English 1650 to the Present.

Research Interests

Romanticism (primarily Byron); poetic form; classical reception; literary theory (particularly eighteenth- and nineteenth-century aesthetics).

Publications include

'Byron's Arabesque', The Charles Lamb Bulletin (2012), 73-83.

‘Byron’s Belles Sauvages’, in The Place of Lord Byron in World History: Studies in His Life, Writings, and Influence, eds. Maria Schoina and Nic Panagopoulos (Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, 2012), 247-256.


Adventuring with quadrupeds and automobiles (not necessarily simultaneously), messing around in boats, baking.




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