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ยป Anna Plassart

Anna Plassart


MPhil (Cantab), PhD

Role or Position

Junior Research Fellow

Email address

Academic Background

2007-11 PhD, Trinity College, Cambridge (History)
2006-7 MPhil, Trinity College, Cambridge (Political Thought and Intellectual History)
2003-2006 Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm)

Undergraduate Teaching

Research Interests

The history of political thought in Britain and France, 18th and 19th centuries.

Publications include

‘Scottish perspectives on war and patriotism in the 1790s’, The Historical Journal (2014)

‘''Whig historians"? Scottish historians on the French Revolution’, Journal of the History of Ideas (January 2013, 74:1)

‘A Scottish Jacobin: John Oswald on commerce and citizenship’, Journal of the History of Ideas (April 2010, 71:2)

‘An “impérialiste liberal”? J.B. Say on colonies and the extra-European world’, French Historical Studies (Spring 2009, 32:2)

‘James Mill’s treatment of religion and the “History of British India”’, History of European Ideas (December 2008, 34:4)



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