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ยป Professor Beata Smarzynska Javorcik

Professor Beata Smarzynska Javorcik

Dr Beata JavorcikQualifications

M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Role or Position

Professor of International Economics, University of Oxford
Official Student and Tutor in Economics, Christ Church

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Academic Background

I hold a B.A. in Economics from the University of Rochester, NY and a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University. In 1999, I joined the World Bank in Washington D.C. as a Young Professional. After serving as a country economist for Azerbaijan, I moved to the Research Department of the World Bank where I worked as a Senior Economist until September 2007.

Undergraduate Teaching

Quantitative economics
International economics

Research Interests

Foreign direct investment, international trade, corruption, protection of intellectual property rights.

Publications include:

"Does It Matter Where You Come From? Vertical Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment and the Origin of Investors" with M. Spatareanu, Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming

"Migrant Networks and Foreign Direct Investment" with C. Ozden, M. Spatareanu and C. Neagu, Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming

"Multi-product Exporters: Product Churning, Uncertainty and Export Discoveries" with L. Iacovone, Economic Journal CV, 120(544), 2010

"Tough Love: Do Czech Suppliers Learn from Their Relationships with Multinationals?" with M. Spatareanu, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 111(4), 2009

"Gifted Kids or Pushy Parents? Foreign Direct Investment and Plant Productivity in Indonesia" with J. Arnold, Journal of International Economics, 79(1), 2009

"Differentiated Products and Evasion of Import Tariffs" with G. Narciso, Journal of International Economics, 76(2), 2008

"Trade Costs and Location of Foreign Firms in China" with M. Amiti, Journal of Development Economics, 85(1-2), 2008

"To Share or Not to Share: Does Local Participation Matter for Spillovers from FDI?" with M. Spatareanu, Journal of Development Economics, 85(1-2), 2008

"Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? In Search of Spillovers through Backward Linkages" American Economic Review, 94(3), 2004

"The Composition of Foreign Direct Investment and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Transition Economies" European Economic Review, 48(1), 2004




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