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ยป Professor Brian Parkinson

Professor Brian Parkinson

Dr Brian ParkinsonQualifications

BA, Ph.D

Role or Position

Tutor in Psychology and Junior Censor

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Academic Background

After undergraduate and postgraduate study in psychology at Manchester University, Dr Parkinson has held research and teaching positions in various psychology departments in the UK.  Before moving to Oxford in 2000, he was senior lecturer in psychology at Brunel University.  Since 2003, he has been Chief Editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology.

Undergraduate Teaching

Social psychology, emotion, research methods and statistics.

Research Interests

Emotion from a social psychological perspective, especially the influence of emotion presentation on other people.

Publications include:

Parkinson, B., Fischer, A., & Manstead, A. S. R. (2005). Emotion in social relations: Cultural, group, and interpersonal processes. Philadelphia, PA: Psychology Press.  
Parkinson, B. (2005). Do facial movements express emotions or communicate motives? Personality and Social Psychology Review, 9, 278-311.
Parkinson, B. (2001). Anger on and off the road.  British Journal of Psychology. 92, 507-526.
Parkinson, B. (1995). Ideas and realities of emotion. London: Routledge.


Swimming, photography, listening to popular music



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