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Dr Chris Breward


MA MSc DPhil (Oxon)

Role or Position

Lecturer in Mathematics

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Academic Background

I was an undergraduate and graduate student at St Anne's, Oxford. My MSc thesis was on "The spreading of solder" and my DPhil thesis was on "The Mathematics of Foam". I spent 2 years in Sheffield working in the medical school making mathematical models for the growth of vascular tumours. I returned to Oxford in 2001, taking up a post at the Mathematical Institute which combined research with getting grants (The post was the University's first Research Facilitator). This was a very successful role, and in 2008 we won a $25M grant from KAUST in Saudi Arabia. I moved to my current post as Associate Director of the Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics (which is funded by the KAUST grant) in October 2008.

On the teaching front, I joined Christ Church's teaching team in October 2004. Since being at Christ Church, I have set up the Mathematics Society.


Undergraduate Teaching

I teach first and second year applied mathematics in College- Calculus, Dynamics, PDEs, Calculus of variations, mechanics, fluids. I do some intercollegiate classes for third years in fluid mechanics. I teach a course on Mathematical Modelling to students at KAUST.


Research Interests

My research is centred around problems in fluid mechanics, drawn from industrial and medical applications. Often these involve surface-active agents, which modify the surface tension. I'm currently working on the modelling of tear films during blinking, adsorption of ionic surfactants at interfaces, multilayered structures at interfaces, and screen printing. The wide range of applications of mathematics can be seen from some of my recent publications.


Publications include

1. Bell, C., Breward, C., Howell, P, Penfold, J and Thomas, R. (2010)
A theoretical analysis of the surface tension profiles of strongly interacting polymer-surfactant systems. J. Coll. Int. Sci.. To appear.
2. Aydemir E., Breward C.J.W. and Witelski, T.P. (2010) The effect of polar lipids on tear film dynamics. Bull. Math. Biol.. To appear. DOI:10.1007/s11538-010-9555-y
3. Bohun C.S. and Breward C.J.W., (2009) Yolk Dynamics in Amphibian Embryos. Maths in Industry Case Studies, 1, 1-21.
4. Dyson RJ, Brander J, Breward CJW and Howell PD, (2009)
Long-wavelength stability of an unsupported multilayer liquid film falling under gravity. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 64 (3), 237--250. DOI 10.1007/s10665-009-9278-y.
5. Bell CG, Breward CJW, Howell PD, Penfold J, and Thomas RK, (2007)
Macroscopic modelling of the surface tension of polymer-surfactant systems <>, Langmuir, 23(11), 6042-6052. DOI: 10.1021/la063714h
6. Penfold J, Tucker I, Thomas RK, Taylor DJF, Zhang XL, Bell CG, Breward CJW and Howell PD. (2007) The interaction between sodium alkyl sulfate surfactants and the oppositely charged polyelectrolyte, PolyDMDAAC, at the Air-Water Interface: The role of Alkyle chaim length and electrolyte and comparison with theoretical predictions <>, Langmuir 23(6), 3128-3136. DOI:10.1021/la063016x
7. Breward CJW and Edwards D. Characterising molecular diffusion in the lens capsule. Proc MPI (2007).
8. Breward CJW and Huang H. Resource allocation. Proc ESGI56 (2007)
9. White, G.S. and Howell, P.D. and Breward, C.J.W. and Young, R.J.S. (2006) A simple model for screen printing of Newtonian fluids. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 54(1). pp 49-70.
10. Witelski T and Breward CJW. Analysis of Chemical-Mechanical Polishing via Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication. Proc 21st MPI. (2005)
11. Breward CJW and Richardson GW. Capillary agglutination technology.



I hold a reserve commission in the Royal Air Force and currently command 2507 (Bicester) Squadron, Air Training Corps. I'm the Treasurer of the Oxford Branch of the St Anne's College Association of Senior Members,



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