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ยป Dr Galina Miazhevich

Dr Galina Miazhevich

Dr Galina MiazhevichQualifications

PhD (Manchester, UK), MA (Budapest, Hungary).

Role or position

Gorbachev Junior Research Fellow in Global Media

E-mail address

Academic background

1995-2000, BA in Psychology, Belarusian State Pedagogical University, Belarus
2000 - 2001, MA in Gender and Cultural Studies, Central European University, Hungary
2003 – 2006, PhD in Development Studies, University of Manchester, UK
2006-2008, Research Associate for an AHRC-funded research project on European television representations of Islam University of Manchester, UK
2008 - present, Junior Research Fellow, Christ Church, Oxford, UK.

Undergraduate Teaching

Tutorials in Media studies.

Research Interests

My principal research theme is social power and globalization in Eastern Europe. In particular my interests are related to cultural representations, the development of post-soviet identities (with a special focus on gender) and the applicability of western concepts of transnationalism and hegemony to post-Soviet space and media. I am also interested in examining how creativity and knowledge in the post-communist region are transformed by technological changes (including the advent of new media forms). Currently I am working on several projects dealing with mass-media representations of terrorism; the ‘security threat’ discourse in Russian media and the treatment of inter-ethnic cohesion in the post-Soviet media.

Publications include

“Moderating the Extreme: The Role of Vladimir Pozner’s Vremena in Russian State Television Responses to the Rise of Xenophobia”, TV and New Media (Forthcoming).
“The Mass Media’s Role as Disruptive/Revitalising Force in the Global War on
Terror” (with S. Hutchings), Media Discourse: The Theory and Practice of Mass Communications, 6 (12), 2009: 8-9
“The Polonium Trail to Islam: Litvinenko, Liminality, and Television's (Cold) War on Terror” (with S. Hutchings) Critical Studies on Terrorism, 2, 2 2009: 219-235
“Hybridisation of Business Norms as Intercultural Dialogue: The Case of two Post-Soviet Countries”, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 42, 2, 2009:181-198

“Socio-Cultural Change and Business Ethics in Post-Soviet Countries: The Cases of Belarus and Estonia” (with C.J Rees), Journal of Business Ethics 86, 1, 2009: 51-63.

“The Impact of ‘Islamic Extremism’ on Television News Representations of Multiculturalism: A Comparative Analysis (Russia, UK, France)” (with S. Hutchings, C. Flood, H. Nickels), Russian Journal of Communication, 1, 1, 2008: 43-69.

“Official Media Discourse and the Self-Representation of Entrepreneurs in Belarus”, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 59, 8, 2007: 1331-1348.

“Transformation of Identity of Women Managers in Post Soviet Countries” (with C. J. Rees), Women and Management Review, Vol. 20, 6, 2005: 412-428.


Reading, sports, travel, dancing, photography.

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