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ยป Professor Ian M.C. Watson

Professor Ian M.C. Watson

Dr. Ian WatsonQualifications

M.A., M. Phil, Ph. D (all Cambridge)

Role or Position

University Lecturer in French Language and Linguistics
Senior Tutor in Modern Languages

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Academic Background

After a degree in Modern Languages at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Dr. Watson completed Masters and Doctoral degrees in Linguistics at the same University. After teaching jobs at the Universities of Salford and Nottingham, he moved to Oxford in 1986, taking up his current position in 1989.

Undergraduate Teaching

French language, Synchronic French linguistics, History of French, General Linguistics, Phonetics and Phonology.

Research Interests

The acquisition of speech, speech perception, prosody, bilingualism, sound change.

Publications include:

'Convergence in the brain; the leakiness of bilinguals' sound systems.' In Jones, Mari and Edith Esch, ed. (2002) Language Change: The Interplay
of Internal, External and Extra-Linguistic Factors, Mouton de Gruyter,
Contributions to the Sociology of Language 86.
'Cross-Linguistic study of the effect of suprasegmental features conditioning the development of nasal vowels' (2003: with John Hajek). Proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Barcelona.


Walking, running, talking (especially in French and German).



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