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ยป Dr Kayla Christina King

Dr Kayla Christina King

Dr Kayla King


BSc, MSc, PhD

Role or Position

Associate Professor in Parasite Biology, Department of Zoology
Tutor in Biology, Christ Church

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Academic Background

I studied for a BSc in ecology and environmental biology at the University of British Columbia (2001-2004). I then moved to Montreal for two years to earn a MSc in parasitology at Concordia University (2004-2006). Subsequently, I moved to Indiana University in the US to earn my PhD in evolutionary biology and genetics (2006-2011). I was then awarded a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship to work at the University of Liverpool (2011-2013) before moving to Oxford. I am appointed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Zoology and Tutor of Biology at Christ Church.

Undergraduate Teaching

Evolutionary Biology, Host-Parasite Interactions

Research Interests

Evolutionary Biology, Host-Parasite Interactions

Publications include

Brockhurst, M.A., King, K.C. 2012. Coevolution. Oxford Bibliographies in Ecology. Eds. Gibson, D. New York: Oxford University Press.
King, K.C., Jokela, J., Lively, C.M. 2011. Parasites, sex, and clonal diversity in natural snail populations. Evolution 65: 1474-1481.
King, K.C., McLaughlin, J.D., Boily, M., and Marcogliese, D.J. 2010. Effects of agricultural landscape and pesticides on parasitism in native bullfrogs. Biological Conservation 143, 302-310.
King, K.C., Delph, L.F., Jokela, J., and Lively, C.M. 2009. The geographic mosaic of sex and the Red Queen. Current Biology 19, 1438-1441.


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