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Keith Brain


PhD(Physiology), MB/BS (Hons; Sydney)

Role or Position

Lecturer (Pharmacology)

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Academic Background

Dr Brain graduated with a PhD in Physiology in 1998 and in Medicine in 1999 from the University of Sydney, Australia. After working as a medical officer at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney he joined the Department of Pharmacology, Oxford, in 2001.

While in Oxford, Dr Brain held a series of research fellowships, including a Nuffield Medical Fellowship, Wellcome Trust Career Development Research Fellowship (both based in the Department of Pharmacology), Staines Medical Research Fellowship (Exeter College) and the post of Research Fellow and Tutor (Keble College). In 2009 he moved to the post of Senior Lecturer (Neuropharmacology) at the University of Birmingham, but remains an associate member of the Oxford Department of Pharmacology.

Undergraduate Teaching

Within the college, Dr Brain’s role focuses on the teaching of Pharmacology within the undergraduate medicine programme (first BM). Within the department, his current teaching role involves the teaching of Pharmacokinetics at both undergraduate and Masters levels.

Research Interests:

Dr Brain’s research focuses on the physiology and pharmacology of the Autonomic Nervous System. Key research achievements have included the development of new optical techniques to monitor Ca2+ within living autonomic nerve terminals (Brain and Bennett, 1995, 1997), to monitor the exocytosis of single neurotransmitter packets (Brain et al., 2002; Brain, 2008) and to monitor the rate of neurotransmitter recycling and packaging (Parker et al. 2010). His current research includes the study of autonomic co-transmission, the prejunctional regulation of sympathetic transmission by nicotinic receptors, and the role of autonomic dysregulation in the overactive detrusor (bladder).

Publications include

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