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Dr Louise Upton

Dr Louise UptonQualifications

BA (Hons), PhD

Role or Position

College Lecturer in Neuroscience (Medicine)

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Academic Background

Louise Upton studied Biochemistry at New College, Oxford (1986-90). She did her PhD in the Physiology Department of University College London. She spent three years in an INSERM laboratory in the Hopital Pitié-Salpétrière in Paris before returning to a post-doctoral position in the University Laboratory of Physiology back in Oxford. Dr Upton is currently the Mouse Neuroscientist on a large Wellcome Trust-funded project in Oxford. Dr Upton has been a Lecturer in Neuroscience at Christ Church College since 2003. Previously she was a Lecturer at Christ Church in 2000-2001 in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

Undergraduate Teaching

Neurophysiology and Neuroscience

Research Interests

Brain development, particularly of sensory systems (vision and touch), and how sensory information is processed by neurons.

Publications include:

T. Rashid, A.L. Upton, A. Blentic, T. Ciossek, B. Knöll, I.D. Thompson and U. Drescher (2005) Opposing gradients of ephrinAs and EphA7 in the superior colliculus are essential for topographic mapping in the mammalian visual system. Neuron 47, 1-13.

S.B. Mierau, R.M. Meredith, A.L. Upton and O. Paulsen (2004) Dissociation of experience-dependent and -independent changes in excitatory synaptic transmission during development of barrel cortex.
Proc Natl Acad Sci; 101(43):15518-23.

A.L. Upton, A. Ravary, N. Salichon, R. Moessner, K.-P. Lesch, R. Hen, I. Seif and P. Gaspar (2002) Lack of 5-HT1B receptor or serotonin transporter have different effects on the segregation of retinal axons in the lateral geniculate nucleus compared to the superior colliculus. Neurosci. 111 (3), 597-610.

A.L. Upton, N. Salichon, C. Lebrand, A. Ravary, R. Blakely , I. Seif and P. Gaspar (1999) Excess of 5-HT alters the segregation of ispi/contralateral retinal projections in MAOA knock-out mice: possible role of 5-HT uptake in retinal ganglion cells during development. J. Neurosci. 19 (16), 7007-7024.

A.L. Upton and S.E. Moss (1994) Molecular cloning of a novel N-terminal variant of rat annexin II. Biochem. J. 302, 425-428.

A.J. Trevelyan, A.L. Upton, P.M.Cordery and I.D. Thompson (2007) An experimentally induced duplication of retinotopic mapping within primary visual cortex. Eur. J. Neurosci. (in press)

A.L. Upton, P.M. Cordery and I.D. Thompson (2007) Emergence of topography in the developing hamster retinocollicular projection: axial differences and the role of cell death. Eur. J. Neurosci. 25, 2319-2328.

Book chapters:
A.L. Upton, H.C. Edwards and S.E. Moss. Calcium-independent functions for the annexins (1995) The Annexins Ed. B. Seaton.


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