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ยป Professor Martin Goodman, FBA

Professor Martin Goodman, FBA

QProfessor Martin Goodman, FBAualifications

BA Literae Humaniores (Oxon), MA (Oxon), D.Phil. Literae Humaniores (Ancient History) (Oxon).

Role or Position

Lecturer in Roman History

Email address

Academic Background

Trinity College Oxford; University of Birmingham (Lecturer in Ancient History, 1977-86); Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Fellow); Wolfson College Oxford (Professorial Fellow);
Professor of Jewish Studies.

Undergraduate Teaching

Roman History

Research Interests

Jewish History; Roman History; Religion in the Ancient World.

Publications include

The Ruling Class of Judaea (1987), Mission and Conversion (1994), The Roman World, 44 BC-AD 180 (1997), (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies (2002), Judaism in the Roman World (2007), Rome and Jerusalem (2007).



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