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Dr Michaël Abecassis

Dr Michaël AbecassisQualifications

Licence, Maitrise, DEA (Grenoble) DLang (St Andrews)

Role or Position

College Lecturer and French Instructor

Academic Background

Linguistics and cinema

Undergraduate Teaching

French Grammar

Research Interests

Michael Abecassis's research interests are in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and grammar.

Email address

Publications include

'A diachronic analysis of non-standard vocabulary in the dialogues of 1930s French films', Te Reo: Journal of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand, 43 (2000), 21-37

'The use of tense and mood in the dialogues of 1930s French films', Sintagma: Revista de Lingüística, 4 (2002), 39-55

'L’origine des indicateurs de style dans les dictionnaires français', La Banque de mots: Revue de terminologie française publiée par le Conseil International de la langue française, 64 (2002), 97-106

'A social study of address patterns in the dialogues of 1930s French films', Romanische Forschungen, 114, 3 (2002), 295-306

'Frequency and Saliency in a corpus of 1930s French films', Californian Linguistic Notes, Vol. XXVII, 2 (2002), 1-19

The Representation of Parisian Speech in the Cinema of the 1930s, Modern French Identities, 33 (Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien: Peter Lang, 2005)


Theatre, tennis, cinema.


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