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ยป Dr Stephen Goddard

Dr Stephen Goddard


MA (Oxon) in Classics and Modern Languages (French and Latin); DPhil (Oxon) in French on 'Flaubert and the literature of classical antiquity'

Role or Position

Lecturer in French

Email address

Academic Background

Having obtained my MA and DPhil at St John's College, Oxford, I have been teaching undergraduates French in Oxford University since 1993, and have held a number of college posts during that time.

Undergraduate Teaching

I teach the whole of the Oxford French prelims course (excluding papers unique to the French sole prelim), along with French prose and unseen translation, French essay, French Paper VII (18th century section), French Paper VIII, most French Paper XI authors (Stendhal, Baudelaire, Flaubert, Gide and Sartre) and the Balzac option for French Paper XII.

Research Interests

I am interested in the reception of classical literature in modern France, including its manifestation in the works of Flaubert, Baudelaire and various 20th century French dramatists.

Publications include

Oct 1992: ‘Guy de Maupassant: the virtues of variety’ in _Folio_, the quarterly magazine of the Folio Society, Winter 1992

1999: ‘Flaubert: the classical dimension’ in _New approaches in Flaubert studies_, Edwin Mellen Press

2004: Review of Mary Orr’s _Madame Bovary – representations of the masculine_ in _French Studies_, Vol. 58, no.4

2005: ‘Flaubert, Apuleius and Ovid: the genesis of a recurring theme’; in Downing, Harkness, Stephen and Unwin, _Birth and Death in Nineteenth-Century French Culture_ (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007)


Birdwatching; travel; politics and current affairs

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