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The College Chaplain

Ralph Williamson- The College ChaplainRevd Ralph J. Williamson

The College Chaplain is appointed to attend to the spiritual and other welfare needs of college members, students, tutors, teaching staff and college staff. 

I am based in Killcanon 1, where I can be found throughout the week except Wednesdays. I can be contacted by email,, telephone (276236) or trusty pigeon post. My mobile number is displayed outside my door if you need me in a hurry.

The Chaplain is often a first point of contact for people wanting to talk about their course, financial issues, family or friends, accommodation, issues within college life and harassment, as well as religious and spiritual things. I am happy to talk to people in confidence, and where appropriate may give advice about where to find further help.

I will be leaving Christ Church at the end of April, after eighteen happy years of service. I will be ‘Collated and Inducted’ as the Vicar of St Peter’s, Eaton Square, in the Diocese of London, at 7pm on Thursday 30th of April. I warmly invite you to worship at St Peter’s or to come to their excellent concerts if you are in London:

The church’s website is here
Its concert programme is here:
Ralph can be contacted at:

A permanent appointment of a new Chaplain will be made for September 2015, but until then we are delighted to have the services of Revd Justin White as acting College Chaplain, from April until August 2015.


Acting College Chaplain - The Revd Justin White

As the acting College Chaplain for Trinity Term, I look forward to serving the whole college community in any way I can - in matters religious or otherwise. I come with an academic background in Engineering and Theology, and careers in management consultancy and teaching - both the sciences and the humanities. The relationship between science and faith is of particular interest to me. of particular interest to me.

If you would like to talk, please do contact me in the Chaplain’s office, Kilcanon 1, by email or phone.

Tel. 276236


Trinity 2015 Chaplaincy Term Card

What 's On?

The Termcard issued at the beginning of each term gives details of services and events organised through the chaplaincy. Services generally take place in the Cathedral, which is our college chapel, and most meetings take place in Killcanon 1. 

To download the Chaplaincy Term Card for Trinity Term 2015, click on the link below, or on the image.


Saakshar 3 children. Photo: RW






Saakshar School Appeal

Building on the support offered through the college and cathedral to an inspiring educational project for slum children in Delhi called 'Saakshar', I visited Delhi and spent two weeks there as photographer in residence at Easter, 2009. Following this visit I established a small charity here, with the help of fellow trustees Edwin Simpson and John Briggs, and many other supporters, to encourage support for their work. I am visiting Saakshar, thanks to Christ Church's support, in March 2015, with Rachel my wife, who will be spending a week leading art activities with the children. 

The latest newsletter for Saakshar School Appeal is attached below. If you would like to learn more about their work visit the NEW Saakshar School Appeal website (please note the new address), at


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