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Welcome to the Modern Languages subject pages for Christ Church!

Studying Modern or Oriental Languages at Oxford offers you a chance to learn in depth about a broad range of literatures and cultures, and to perfect your language skills. Depending on your degree combination, you may also be able to study linguistics (how languages work or evolve over time) or learn a new language from scratch (among others Italian, Portuguese and Arabic). As well as straight Modern Languages degrees, in which students study two languages or specialize in one (in the case of French or German), a wide variety of degree combinations is available for study in Oxford. These joint degrees allow you to study a Modern Language alongside History, English, Philosophy or Classics. You can also study one of our core European languages along with a Middle-Eastern language.

Christ Church is one of the few Oxford colleges that accepts any combination of languages or joint degrees. We have a very wide range of Modern Languages tutors based in college, and call on specialist tutors to look after other languages, so that students are well-supported throughout their studies. As we offer more places for students of Modern Languages than many other colleges, there is a large, vibrant community of linguists in college at any given time. They also benefit from an outstanding library, the largest detached eighteenth-century building in Oxford.

Here you can find out a bit more about the Modern Languages tutors.

Christ Church also has a Modern Languages Society run by its current students.

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