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Modern Languages Tutors

Dr Belinda Jack (French)

Belinda teaches nineteenth- and twentieth-century French and Francophone Literatures, as well as literary translation. Her research interests and publications are mostly on Francophone writing, women's writing, biography, the history of women's reading, and reading more generally.

Dr Belinda Jack

Dr Emanuela Tandello (Italian)

Ela teaches Italian language and literature, particularly of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her research interests include contemporary Italian poetry and twentieth-century poetry in dialect, with particular focus on Leopardi, Pirandello and Amelia Rosselli.

Dr Ela Tandello

Dr Jennifer Yee (French)

Jennifer teaches French language and literature, especially nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature. Her research interests include colonial and 'exotic' writing, the nineteenth-century realist and naturalist novel (Balzac, Flaubert, Zola), and Proust.

Dr J Yee

Dr Dominic Moran (Spanish)

Dominic teaches Latin American literature from Independence to the present. His research and publications deal mostly with twentieth-century Latin American fiction and poetry, with special interests in avant-garde literature, the relationship between literature and politics in Spanish America, Pablo Neruda and Julio Cortázar.


Dr Ian Watson (French Linguistics)

Ian teaches French and general Linguistics, as well as some French language. His research interests are in linguistics and phonetics, especially French phonetics and phonology, with a particular interest in language acquisition.


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Modern Languages Tutors permanently based in Christ Church:



Lecturers who do some Modern Languages teaching for Christ Church:

Dr Michael Abécassis (French language)

Dr Philip Bullock (Russian)

Dr Stephen Goddard (French)

Dr Roy Norton (Golden-age Spanish)

Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou (Greek)

Dr Cláudia Pazoz-Alonso (Portuguese)

Ms Ana Todea (Linguistics)

Prof. Robert Vilain (German)

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