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Christ Church’s in-House Conferences, Day Schools and Special Interest Programmes

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1998: Lewis Carroll Centenary Conference

2002: Enigma & the Intelligence War

2003: Churchill and Roosevelt: the Atlantic Alliance

2004: The Armada to the Gunpowder Plot 1585-1605
and A Nation’s Food – a Nation’s Fortune

2004: D-Day: The 60th Anniversary

2004: Maritime Discovery & Exploration Day School

2005: War at Sea in the Age of Nelson: The Trafalgar Bicentennial

2005 World War II – Unfinished Business Day School

2006: The Great War: Verdun and the Somme 1916 from Catastrophe to Conclusion and Food & Drink: Extravagances of the Edwardian Table

2006: Leonardo da Vinci Day School

2006: Spies, Lies & Intelligence

2007: Empire, Sea Power & Abolition and
Food & Drink: Sweet Secrets and Strange Delights

2007: The Nature of War

2007: W H Auden Centenary Celebration Day School

2008: Zulus and Boers: the British in Southern Africa and
Astronomy – A Weekend in Heaven: Planets, Stars and Galaxies

2008: Cathedral Voices across Half a Millennium

2009: Evolution: Darwin’s Impact on Science and Culture and
History: 1759 Britain’s ‘Wonderful Year’

2009: The Making of the Modern Middle East

2009: Henry VIII 1509 to 2009 – Henry’s House Party

2010: The Korean War and
Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts and Solutions

2011: Blood and Roses: The Wars of the Roses 1450-1485

2012: Wars of Christ: The Crusades and the Emergence of Europe

2012: The Chinese Century

2013: The English Country House: A Journey through Time

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