Health and Welfare

Whilst we hope that our students will find their time at Christ Church to be enjoyable and rewarding, student life does bring with it considerable demands and we recognise that students may experience problems of one kind or another during their studies.

Problems may concern academic work or any aspect of life including health, relationships, family problems, and so on and they may take the form of stress, anxiety or depression. You may feel isolated, or that you are the only one who feels the way you do, but talking through your problems with someone else can often help. Often just talking to a trusted friend or one of the welfare team will be enough but you might need more professional support which is also available to you. 

If you are finding things difficult for any reason, please ask for advice as there are many people in college and in the wider University who are there to listen, provide support, and will be able to offer help.

If you are worried about a friend who you feel might be struggling, you can share that concern too.

There are a number of resources and services available from the menu on the left.