Images from the Boat Club Archive

A selection of images from the Boat Club Archive.

The Twenty (XX) Club, Trinity Term 1887. Note the ChChBC straw hat bands, three in Duster pattern and one 1st VIII. This predates the introduction of the BC blazers.   Saturday 24th May 1899. ChCh II, 2nd in Second Division   Saturday 24th May 1899. Unknown crews. Note the ChChBC flag streaming above the Barge, mid-picture - and the barges all along the course to the head of the Gut.   From the Illustrated London News, 1844. Christ Church rowing-over Head. Note the early barges - owned in those days by professional watermen such as Isaac King   Commemoration Procession of Boats, 1863. The artist has taken considerable licence with the width of the river - but note the vast grandstands on the Grandpont bank.
Commem. Procession, 1863. The Prince of Wales was present on the House barge - hence the Royal Standard alongside that of the ChChBC   From The Bystander Magazine - May 1907   The first Boat Race crew of 1829 - comprising five ChCh men - including Staniforth the Stroke. This led directly to the adoption of House dark blue as Oxford's colours.