Oliver Wyman; our sponsor

Christ Church Boat Club is proud to be sponsored by Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman logoOliver Wyman is a leading global management consultancy. We combine deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, organisational transformation and leadership development. We work alongside our clients to develop practical solutions that deliver real impact.

Specifically structured to attract, retain and offer superior rewards to outstanding people, Oliver Wyman is a true meritocracy with no artificial barriers to success. New consultants are given real client facing work from the outset and are considered key members of a project team. Their input is valued and expected from day one. We hire with the vision to see new consultants through to Partner within six to nine years.

As important as your career development, however, is the fun you’ll have along the way. While our work is high impact and high stakes, the atmosphere at Oliver Wyman is noticeably friendly and collegial.

We focus on output, not input, and fundamentally reject the culture of long hours for long hours’ sake. Rather, we offer the opportunity to pursue a realistic work-life balance, including innovative programs such as our non-profit fellowship, our 10/11 month year, and sabbaticals.

We also believe in extending a helping hand where we can. In addition to pro-bono work and our work with some of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations, we pursue a number of more local charitable projects. Examples include our work with the Prince’s Trust and our ‘literacy and numeracy buddy’ volunteers.

For more information about careers with Oliver Wyman please visit their website at www.oliverwyman.com