Students with Disabilities

Christ Church wishes to enable any student with disabilities to study at the college, and will make reasonable adjustments to make this possible, in line with the University’s ‘Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students’. 

In accordance with this Framework, Christ Church has a Disability Lead, Professor Brian Parkinson (the Senior Censor) and a Disability Co-ordinator, Alison Tesh (the Academic Registrar).

Academic Registrar, Ms Alison Tesh

tel.: (2)76157, email:   

We advise students to contact the college and to let us know of any disabilities as early as possible before you start your studies, so that any reasonable adjustments can be put in place. 

The Disability Advisory Service

The University Disability Advisory Service provides support and advice to students who have a disability. They can arrange disability assessments and help students apply for disability-related financial support. They also advise the College on what examination arrangements would be suitable for students with disabilities, liaising with the Academic Registrar, Alison Tesh.

If you have any queries about the process of applying for alternative examination arrangements, please contact Alison.

The Disability Advisory Service website has a lot of information about the support they can provide and they can be contacted by email: or you can ring them on 01865 280459.

The Disability Advisory Service is located at 3 Worcester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BX.