Welfare Support in Christ Church

There are many different people in Christ Church who are available for you to talk to, and they will listen and treat what you tell them with sensitivity and with the appropriate confidentiality.

The University guidelines on Confidentiality in Student Health and Welfare can be found here

There are a number of policies in place addressing issues which can impact on student welfare, some are linked from the top-right of this page, others can be viewed on the Policies page.

The College Chaplain and Welfare Co-ordinator, Revd. Clare Hayns

The Chaplain and Welfare Co-ordinator is available to all members of the college, whatever their religious beliefs, to discuss any matter in confidence, whether academic, personal or spiritual. She is available in her office throughout the week and can also be contacted through the Porters' Lodge in any emergency.

Killcanon 1

tel:  (2)76236, email: clare.hayns@chch.ox.ac.uk 

Academic Tutors

Your Academic Tutor, or your College Advisor if you are a graduate student, are there to look after both your personal and your academic well being. They will always be willing to talk through any concerns you have and will often be your first port of call if you are worried about something. 

The Dean, the Senior Censor, the Junior Censor and the Tutor for Graduates also have a welfare role; you may wish to speak to them if you feel unable to talk to your Tutor about an issue.

Financial Assistance

If you find yourself struggling financially, there are various sources of funding available to help you.

Christ Church has a Financial Assistance Fund, contributed to by old members of the College, which allows us to make hardship grants to Junior Members. There is also the University Access to Learning Fund and the University Hardship Fund, which you may be able to apply for.

In some circumstances, the Senior Censor can also make students an emergency loan and the College has a fund (the Stone-Mallabar Memorial Fund) which has been provided by a former member of the College for the purpose of making interest-free long-term loans to undergraduates to meet their financial needs.

If you are having financial difficulties, you should see the Academic Registrar, Alison Tesh who will talk through your financial situation with you and advise on what funding might be available. She will be able to help you apply to both the College Financial Assistance Funding and, if appropriate, the University Access to Learning Fund and University Hardship Fund.

Academic Registrar, Ms Alison Tesh

tel.: (2)76157, email: alison.tesh@chch.ox.ac.uk                                                     

College Welfare Advisors

The two Welfare Advisors are College Tutors and are happy to see any member of the college regarding personal issues or academic concerns which cannot be reasonably be dealt with by their Tutors or the Censors. Either can be seen by appointment:                     

Dr Kayla King

(0)1865 2 81988

email: kayla.king@chch.ox.ac.uk

Dr Dominic Moran

Peck 8.4

tel: (2)76226, email: dominic.moran@chch.ox.ac.uk                                   

The College Nurse

Ms Midge Curran is our College Nurse. She is available to all members of the college each day in Kilcanon 2. Her normal hours are 0900-1100 Monday to Friday.

The College Nurse, Ms Midge Curran

Killcanon 2

Telephone (2)76176 email: midge.curran@chch.ox.ac.uk

The JCR and GCR Welfare Officers

Both the JCR and the GCR have Welfare Offices, who are available to offer help and can be contacted on their college email addresses.

JCR President:  Ali Hussain

JCR Vice President:   Stuti Sarin - stuti.sarin@chch.ox.ac.uk

JCR Welfare Reps:  Joseph Cordery and Sophie Lapworth

Peer Support Coordinator: Nick Lee - nicholas.lee@chch.ox.ac.uk

JCR Peer Supporters: The JCR has a number of Peer Supporters, who are students who receive specific training and supervision to enable them to listen effectively, maintain confidentiality and provide support and guidance. For details of the team please contact Nick Lee

LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer: Jennie Sheppard - jennifer.sheppard@chch.ox.ac.uk

Gender Equality Officer:  Jaycie Carter - jaycie.carter@chch.ox.ac.uk

Disabled Students Officer: Burtie Spry - robert.spry@chch.ox.ac.uk

Ethnic and Religious Minorities Rep:  Juliette Aliker - juliette.aliker@chch.ox.ac.uk

GCR President:  Amelie Van Alphen - gcrpresident@chch.ox.ac.uk

GCR LGBTQ+ Welfare Rep -

GCR Welfare Reps: FengTing Liao, Sergio Martin-Alvarez, Alina Mansurova