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Alumni & Development

Christ Church has evolved over five centuries. Today it is a modern institution offering exceptional opportunities for the intellectual and personal growth of its members. Its primary concern is learning and it is a place where people matter most.

In 1994, the Development and Alumni Office was established to maintain and build relationships with our Old Members (alumni) and friends, and to raise money for our primary purposes of education and research.

The level of commitment amongst Old Members is second to none. We are always pleased to hear from our alumni and to see you at Christ Church, and at exclusive Old Member events organised both at the House and elsewhere.

Whether you are an Old Member, the family of a current undergraduate, a friend of the college who attended a conference, a service in the Cathedral, an exhibition at the Picture Gallery or you are simply a visitor to the House, we hope that these pages help you to maintain and enhance your relationship with Christ Church, and support it both now and in the future.

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