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Year Reps

The Year Representative Scheme was set up by the college and the Association in 2003 to improve the channels of communication between Old Members, the Association and the House. The Year Rep’s role is to nurture links between those groups.

Reps help to keep open various lines of communication, they come up with ideas for events and sometimes help organise them, and they assist present members, their contemporaries and the House alike, for example by offering careers advice for current and former Members and helping network for business contacts.

In their Gaudy year, which occurs every seven years, the Reps help to ensure that as many of their contemporaries as possible are contacted and attend the Gaudy. They often arrange other smaller events, to which spouses and partners can also be invited, and they encourage support for the Annual Fund for student bursaries amongst their friends.

There is an Annual Year Rep meeting in November, the location of which alternates between London and Oxford. Ideally, there would be about four Reps in any year to allow for such things as postings abroad and busy work periods or family commitments. If a Rep retires they are asked to help find a replacement.

If you are interested in becoming a Year Rep or would like to contact the Year Rep for your year, please email 


Current Year Reps  
1952 Michael Baker
1956 Ian Martin
1958 Tony Schur
1962 Barnaby Powell
1963 David Lumb
1964 Michael Bowerman
1966 Robert Boyle
1966 Adrian Fort
1967 Haydn Rawstron
1968 Nick Nops
1969 Robert Lindemann
1970 Paul Butler
1971 Simon Flunder
1972 Jonathan Heller
1972 Philip Wright
1973 David Binsted
1973 Tony Hart
1974 Ian Graham
1975 Nick Hanbury-Williams
1976 Robin Priest
1977 Lyndon Jones
1978 Angus Macpherson
1980 John Carley
1981 Catherine Blaiklock
1981 Fiona Holdsworth
1983 Simon Firth
1983 Andrew Green
1984 Pollyanna Deane
1984 Jessica Pulay
1985 Kimberley Littlemore
1986 Simon Offen
1987 Vicky Cunningham
1987 Seamus Moorhead
1989 Stephen Brien
1989 Helen Smith
1989 Adam Walker
1990 Ian Frost
1990 Tony Pastor
1990 James Philpott
1991 Ben Davies
1992 Lisa Millar
1993 Peter Greatorex
1993 James Pennefather
1994 Indy Bhattacharyya
1995 Paul Galbraith
1995 Kate Heard
1996 Bekah Diprose
1996 Aideen Lee
1997 Laura Abbotts
1997 Andrew Yong
1998 Sophie Biddell
1998 Freya Howard
1998 Helen Thomas
1998 Camilla West
1999 Ben Fasham
1999 Thomas Greggs
1999 Dan Rumney
2000 Sebastian Falk
2000 Xenia Iwaszko
2001 Stephanie Appleyard
2001 Annabel Charnock
2001 Rebecca Clarey
2001 Amy Crossley
2001 Greg Foster
2001 Peter Joubert
2002 Benedikt Krings
2002 Atli Stannard
2003 Charlotte Jepps
2003 Joanna Lee Morrison
2003 Ned Gould
2004 James Wise
2005 Berenika Zakrzewski
2005 Joanna Walker
2005 Costa Argyrou
2006 Isla Kennedy
2006 Matthew Hackett
2007 Carolyn Bull
2008 Jacob Ward
2008 Benjamin Hirsch
2008 Tom Middlehurst
2008 Catriona O'Grady
2008 Samuel Folkard




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