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The Boat Club Society

How to Join

The aim of the Boat Club Society is to generate support for the current Boat Club from old members with fond memories of rowing on the Isis. In providing social events, such as Eights Week drinks parties and Reunion Dinners, we hope to bridge the gap between past and present members of the Club.

If you are not currently a member of the Christ Church Boat Club Society but you would like to be, please subscribe using the donation facility below.


To find out more about the Christ Church Boat Club please visit our main Boat Club pages here.

Aims and history of the Boat Club Society

The Society was set up in Michaelmas 1992 under the guidance of Dr David Nowell, at that time the Senior Treasurer of the Boat Club. All members of the House who have an interest in the Boat Club are encouraged to join. If you remain in contact with other members of the House who rowed, please let them know about the Society too.

Through its fund-raising activities the Society is able to donate equipment to the Club - and has done so to a great extent; old member generosity has provided the ChChBC with boats, blades and ergos, but also with much-needed support, such as the coaching launch and the 16-seat minibus which permits transport to and from our training water at Wallingford. Above all, the Society provides coaching - not only directly by old members who give their time, but specifically in funding the fees of hired professional coaches who bring the most modern training methods and rowing technique to the Club. While expensive, this has proved the basis of the Club's recent high levels of success.

Social events organised for Society members are also an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and current boaties in a convivial milieu. The annual calendar comprises a gathering in London to watch the Boat Race, support for House crews at Torpids and at Eights, the ever-popular Boat Club Dinner in June and the Henley Saturday drinks party.

Old members are always welcome at these events, of which notice is given on this site, in Christ Church Matters and in the Society's newsletter BoatHouse, which is sent to all Society members to keep them up to date with the results and activities of the Boat Club. Any contributions to the newsletter are gratefully received.


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