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November 2013

Dear Member of the House,

Seventh week is upon us. Despite the days, hours spent in the Library, and tempers getting shorter; and mornings in bed, queues outside the Nurse’s room, and battels getting longer; there is still plenty of colour to the Meadows’ trees. We are waiting for the first hard frost to do its work on the leaves, and indeed on Brussels sprouts.

Nonetheless Advent is coming in 6 days, with the Advent Carol Service and Family Programme mulled wine and mince pie reception this Sunday, the 1st December. There are only 15 training days left to the Varsity match on 12th December; do sign up to join the Christ Church party on the bus, in the car park, and in the Blues Village. Culture of a different sort is on offer a week later with the Choir’s St John’s Smith Square Christmas concert on the 18th , and also with the Centenary Conference to mark Hugh Trevor-Roper’s birth, in Oxford on 11th January.

You also have 23 days left to see the current, magnificent, Picture Gallery exhibition: “Beauty, Grace and Power: The horse in drawings of the Renaissance and Baroque” which is on until the 23rd December, (the gallery is closed on Tuesdays).

Time is less of an issue with the Commemoration Ball on 21st June 2014, however tickets are limited so look out for your Michaelmas Christ Church Matters, which should be with you by Christmas, or check the website for booking details. Alumni tickets will be available at the beginning of Hilary Term, when an email will be sent out to announce the fact. There are some sponsorship and advertising deals available for those interested, and for those who would like a number of tickets. It will be a great event and I hope Members will ensure the atmosphere in the Alumni area is even better than two years ago.

In the meantime Seasons Greetings from all six and three halves of us in the Development and Alumni Office.

Best wishes,

12 December - Varsity Rugby Match

This year's Varsity Rugby match will be taking place at Twickenham on Thursday 12th December.

Christ Church will be providing a transport and ticket package for £95pp (including return coach, entry to the Blues Village, a top price match ticket, lunch and drinks). Other packages are available.

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18 December - St John's Smith Square Concert

As part of the Annual Christmas Festival at St John's Smith Square, the Christ Church Cathedral Choir will perform a programme of much-loved Christmas music on Wednesday 18th December.

The concert will be presented by Howard Goodall and a reception will follow.

Tickets are priced between £10 and £20.

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11 January - Hugh Trevor-Roper Centenary Conference

Hugh Trevor-Roper read History at Christ Church prior to WW2, returning to the House afterwards as a Student and later Regius Professor of History. He is remembered particularly for his work on 17th-century European history and his contributions to Oxford life.

To mark the centenary of his birth, a series of papers and discussions will be presented to appraise aspects of his thought and writing.

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Commemoration Ball 2014

Christ Church’s triennial Commemoration Ball is on 21 June 2014.

Some dining tickets will be available to old Members, otherwise the evening commences with a reception in Tom, before progressing through to the Masters’, Pococke’s, and Cathedral gardens, to enjoy the entertainment and lavish hospitality.

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Beauty, Grace and Power: the horse in drawings of the Renaissance and Baroque

No other animal has inspired the creative mind of man as much as the horse. Evidence of this can be found in the artistic output of the numerous civilisations and cultures in which it has appeared since prehistoric times. Stone Age cave drawings, Iron Age hill figures, Assyrian reliefs, Greek bronzes, and Chinese terracotta statues contribute visually to our understanding of the relationship between man and horse.

Until 23 December at the Picture Gallery.
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