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Spring Sounds


Current DPhil student Simon Desbruslais will be performing new British trumpet concertos as a trumpet soloist with The Orchestra of the Swan in Stratford-Upon-Avon on June 15th

New Exhibition in Upper Library

An exhibition on Conservation of Collections, highlighting the work completed on Johannes Remmelinus' Captoptrum Microcosmicum: 6 February - 27 April 2012.


Where We Fell to Earth: Writing for Peter Conrad

Where We Fell to Earth is a tribute to Peter Conrad, tutor of English at Christ Church, who retired in 2011

101 Faces of Christ Church

Bettina von Kameke 's book of portraits is now available to purchase for £89.

Cathedral Chairs for Sale

The Cathedral are currently selling some of their chairs, and are offering them at the special price of £25 to Old Members. 




New Years Honours List 2011 Congratulations!

Christ Church is extremely proud to announce that the following Old Members were awarded New Year honours in 2011. We would like to extend our congratulations to them all and their families!



Paul Jacobsthal (1880-1957)

The Institute of Archaeology is researching the life of Paul Jacobsthal (1880-1957) who was given an academic position as Professor of Celtic Art at Christ Church following his move from Germany in 1937.

If you have any information about him, please contact Dr Megan Price, Education and Liaison at

Donation to Christ Church Rugby Club

John Anderson handing a shirt to Rugby Club Captain Chris Whitehouse

A group of sporting alumni have generously funded a new set of shirts for the Christ Church Rugby Club.  The Old Members who made the gift were: Gwyn Davies (1972), Graeme Rocker (1972), Steve Hnizdur (1972), John Anderson (1972), Tom Dowie (1972), Phil Wright (1972), Paul Fisher (1973) and Mark Perfect (1973).


The Tutor Pages

The Tutor Pages ( has recently been founded by Christ Church alumnus Henry Fagg (2001). It's an online directory of private tutors with a difference: each tutor has submitted one or more articles on their expertise. This not only helps parents and students decide who to hire, but also makes the site a fascinating one to browse.

For example, there are articles ranging from 'How to Prepare Your Child for a Selective School' and 'Learning Latin GCSE Vocabularly', to 'A Buyer's Guide to British Harpsichord Makers' and 'How to Approach Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (1st mvmt)'.

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