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Gaudy - Autumn 2014. Photo:RW

 Gaudy Dates and Information

One of the most tangible representations of the lifelong link between the House and its members is the tradition of Gaudy hospitality. Gaudy dates are necessarily linked to Term weeks and are normally held on Thursdays in late June and late September / early October. The Governing Body customarily confirms the arrangements, including the date, about six months in advance of the event and invitations are posted around six weeks ahead. It is, of course, important that you keep the House informed of any change of address. Any Old Member who is considering advance travel plans is urged to check with the Development Office before making firm commitments. The College hopes to welcome as many old members as possible and therefore, as you may know, this is not an occasion to which it is possible to invite spouses, partners, or other family members. It is hoped to adhere to the following schedule, which is based on year of first matriculating as a member of the House: 

Gaudy Date Matriculate Groups
Summer 2015: (25 June 2015) 1991-1993 matriculates
Autumn 2015: (1 October 2015) 1994-1996 matriculates
Summer 2016: (23 June 2016) 1997-1999 matriculates
Autumn 2016 (29 September 2016) 2000-2002 matriculates
Summer 2017 2003-2005 matriculates
Autumn 2017 2006-2008 matriculates

With your invitation you will be sent a letter confirming the details for the occasion, including parking arrangements. A booking form will also be enclosed. On the form you will be able to advise us of any special dietary or accessibility needs, and whether you would like overnight accommodation. There will also be space to note any seating requests.

The Gaudy programme is normally as follows:


4.00 - 5.30p.m. Talks in Blue Boar Lecture Theatre
6.00 p.m. Prayers in the Cathedral

7.00 p.m. Pre-dinner Drinks
8.00 p.m. Dinner in Hall


8.00 to 9.30 a.m. Gaudy Breakfast in Hall
9.00 to midday     Refreshments available
10.30 a.m.            Walking tours

Dress code: Dinner Jacket – Decorations.  

Charges: the only charges are for a room overnight, if required.

For further information, please contact Dr Anna Port:

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