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MA Degrees

BA and BFA graduands are entitled to proceed in due course to the MA degree, which may be taken seven years following original matriculation (in or after the 21st term from matriculation). Please note that this does not apply to those who take undergraduate Masters degrees (e.g. M.Eng, MMaths, M.PhysPhil, MChem, MBiochem, MPhys).

A £10.00 fee is payable. MA's are automatically members of the Convocation, conferring certain voting rights e.g. in the election of the Chancellor of the University. Members of the House who are members of Convocation are also entitled to dine at High Table by implied invitation, and at their own request and modest expense, provided arrangements are made in advance with the Steward's Office.


Making a Booking

Bookings for degree ceremonies may be made through the Administrative Assistant in the Censors' Office. Before booking, please bear in mind the following University Regulations:

• A candidate may be presented in person for only one degree at each ceremony. This will normally be the superior of the degrees for which he or she is eligible. A candidate may, however, take other degrees in absence at the same ceremony when a degree is taken in person.
• Once a candidate’s name has been entered he or she may not withdraw from the ceremony. If a candidate is unable to be present, the degree will be conferred in absentia.
• The college may not present candidates for degrees if any debts are known to be outstanding to the College or the University. If in doubt, please check with the Steward’s Office on 01865 276251.

Please email for information on how to book a place.



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