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» 24 - 26 September: Association Weekend & GCR 50th Anniversary

24 - 26 September: Association Weekend & GCR 50th Anniversary

Photos by KT Bruce. Visit her website here.

To view and order KT Bruce's photos from the weekend, please visit this website. You can also order a CD, which includes every photograph, for just £15.

The Graduate Common Room celebrated its 50th anniversary in October 2010.  Post 1945 Christ Church faced the problem that arrangements for graduate study were too unstructured; resulting in a worrying number of unfinished theses.  To rectify this the GCR was (re)created in 1960 to help give post-graduates more pastoral support, better access to accommodation and more structure to their studies. The decision was guided through Governing Body  by Dean Simpson and especially Dr. Paul Kent.  If you would like to read a short history of the GCR  written  by Dr Paul Kent, please click here.

There are currently more than 300 members contributing to all aspects of college life; the GCR has truly grown from strength to strength.  Unfortunately our records are fairly patchy.  One thing we can usefully do to celebrate the 50th is for all Old GCR Members to bring their records up to date, and send in their anecdotes and memories.  Please do so; the results will compiled in a future edition of Christ Church Matters.

Celebrations were held 24-26 September 2010.  The events coincided with the Oxford Alumni Weekend and the Christ Church Association annual dinner, so there was plenty to draw everyone back to Oxford.  Initial ideas for the festivities; in addition to time spent in Hall; included talks, seminars, an art exhibition, a concert, and even some sporting endeavours.

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