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The 1546 Society

In November 2009, the 1546 Society was created as part of a renewed initiative to encourage legacies to the House, details of which may be seen here.

The 1546 Society invites Old Members who have made a bequest to attend an annual reception at Christ Church, and also invites members to attend, free of charge, any of the concerts put on by the Christ Church Music Society. A certificate in recognition of this particular support for the House is also given.

A Message from the Dean
The Very Reverend Christopher Lewis

Over the centuries schools and colleges have developed and flourished as a result of major benefactions through legacies. Indeed, for many institutions it has been a legacy that has created the opportunity to establish a foundation in the first place.

A legacy indicates a wish to protect, for ever, what we value most. By its nature, the benefaction comes at a time when we will no longer be there to witness its contribution. The compensation therefore must be in the knowledge that it will secure a most worthwhile cause that has been of great importance to us.

I am asking that you consider Christ Church as such a cause. The pressures that bear on the House, both economic and political, make it imperative that it is sufficiently well funded to be, at the very least, financially independent. Ultimately this can only be permanently achieved through endowment; in pursuit of that permanence, legacies will play a critical part.

In every sense the quality and security of the House depends on the goodwill, friendship and generosity of its members: past, present and future. In turn we have a duty to respect the contribution of our members, reciprocate the support they offer, and above all instil the confidence that their desire to protect Christ Church for ever, will be granted through sound and sensitive management of funds and assets.

Our recently published document “In perpetuity” shows that, in the absence of significant fundraising, our endowment income will not be sufficient to meet the demands of a full tutorial system as well as offering financial support to students who need it and maintaining and upgrading the fabric for modern times.

So this must be a campaign in perpetuity, not just for the next refurbishment, upgrade or decade; it is one that appropriately seeks, amongst other benefactions, bequests that will endow some part of what we hold most dear in the work and fabric of the House.

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