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In 2011 the Christ Church Graduate Common Room celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Graduate study is now integral to the House and the University, and has resulted not only in the enrichment of Oxford’s academic, cultural and sporting life, but in benefits for the country and the whole world.

One of Christ Church’s agreed core values is to maintain a balanced mix of undergraduate, post-graduate and research study, yet it is increasingly difficult for graduate students to get funds from the Research Councils in order to pursue their studies.

The University estimates that only one in three Oxford students secure full scholarship funding across all graduate courses. Thus more than ever graduate studies need to be supported.




  • Improve Christ Church’s chances of retaining our brightest students and attracting the very best others through fully-funded scholarships. The availability of scholarship funding is the key to attract today’s internationally mobile top students.
  • Secure the future of the University, as graduate students make an essential contribution to Oxford’s ground-breaking research. Many graduates are the future academics; Oxford and its colleges are their ‘training ground ‘.
  • Enable access to all for a world-class collegiate education through Bursaries.
  • Assist with funding so students can focus on intellectual enquiry, not material necessity.
  • Enable others to experience what you enjoyed as Members of the GCR. “I met some wonderful people in the GCR who enabled me to broaden my view of the world and stretch my personal boundaries. Many of them remain my closest friends to this day.” Zar Amrolia (1984). President GCR, 1985-86




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