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Alastair Ramsay Charitable Trust

The Alastair Ramsay Charitable Trust ("ARCH") was founded in late 2007 in memory of Alastair Ramsay, a former member of Christ Church (1986 to 1990) who died suddenly that year at the age of 39. Alastair studied History and Economics and was a keen sportsman who represented Christ Church at soccer, hockey and cricket and got a half-blue in racquets but will be most remembered by those who knew him for being one of life's genuinely likeable people. After leaving Christ Church Alastair worked at McKinsey, learning that he had been elected a Director just three days before his death.

ARCH's mandate is to promote the mental and physical well-being of children and young people. Its first project is to raise funds for Recontar, a Brazilian charity established by Bebhinn Ramsay to honour the memory of Alastair, her husband. Alastair was committed to and passionate about practical support for people in the developing world and worked for a number of not-for profit organizations.

Recontar is a family support project based in Florianopolis, Brazil. It offers direct, broad-based support during the crisis of a child's illness, using techniques developed and proven with families in the favelas of Rio. Just as poverty and sickness march hand in hand, so they can be reversed together. Recontar's full name in Portuguese means "Child health retold". Nearly 20 years ago, pioneering paediatrician Vera Cordeiro realised that her patients' life chances were determined not just by what happened in hospital, but what awaited them outside. The approach is radical - touching employment, training, housing, medicines, transport costs and psychological support - and it works. And it's this approach that Recontar will replicate in Florianopolis. More information about ARCH and Recontar can be found through ARCH's website at


ARCH is looking to raise £200,000 over the next two years to support Recontar's programs and has a number of fund-raising initiatives under way. If you would like to support ARCH you can do so in a number of ways.

Donate Online

You can make a donation at . In addition, we are always looking for people to get involved in the work of ARCH.

If you are amongst those who already know of and have supported ARCH, many thanks for your support. If you have any questions regarding ARCH or its work, please contact Geoff Peters at

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