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Wells for India is UK charity working on water related projects in Rajasthan in north west India, founded by Christ Church old member Dr Nicholas Gray and his wife Professor Mary Grey in 1987.

Our focus is on water - the provision of sufficient clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, the animals and for crops - all the things we take for granted here.

We work with local (mainly Gandhian) partners for the uplift of the rural people living in the Aravali Hills, Thar Desert and Sambhar Lake areas. Together we focus on the poorest and marginalised communities, irrespective of caste, religion or ethnic background. Priorities are set by the villagers themselves with their active involvement and contribution so that they own the projects and are able to sustain them by the time the project has run its course. We also are involved in a number of associated projects including health and education. We have been working in Rajasthan since 1987, in close partnership with the villagers themselves, with the NGO’s and with the Government of Rajasthan.

The main activities of our UK office are:

· Raising funds in the UK, mainly from individuals, church & social groups and schools, but also from statutory bodies and Charitable Trust Funds.

· Providing first hand feedback on the progress of the projects to donor groups, in order to promote in depth understanding and improved knowledge of development issues and the people involved in the communities concerned.

· Raising awareness in the UK of development issues, organising information meetings and providing assistance to schools and church group projects.

· Organising awareness visits to India for its supporters, so that they too can see at first hand the conditions and improvements taking place in the village communities and the work being undertaken by our partners.

· Publishing a Newsletter two or three times a year which provides up to date information of activities and progress achieved on projects.

The main activities of our India Office are:

· Liaising with our implementation partners and through them with the poorest people of Rajasthan

· Following village level meetings, bringing forward new projects for approval

· Overseeing the implementation, management and accounting of projects

· Providing expert guidance on water harvesting and related issues

· Providing a focus for Wells for India in India

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