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Awakening the Universal Heart: a guide for Spiritual Activists

Serge Beddington-Behrens (1964, English)

Serge Beddington-Behrens Ph.D is a psychotherapist  and consultant turned activist for a new and better society and the older he gets, the busier he becomes.

His recent book Awakening the Universal Heart, suggests that our education focuses too much on our left brain and so we grow up overly rational and repressing the intelligence inside our hearts.


Mister Brownrigg’s Boys: Magdalen College School and The Great War.

David Bebbington (1989, Organic Chemistry)

For all interested in the First World War or those associated with Magdalen College School, Mr Brownrigg’s Boys: Magdalen College School and The Great War will prove a fascinating read. 


Dirty Bertie, An English King Made in France

Stephen Clarke (1978, Modern Languages)

The entertaining biography of Edward VII and his playboy lifestyle, by Stephen Clarke, author of 1000 Years of Annoying the French and A Year in the Merde.




Alex Morgan (1981, Modern History)

Paula abandons her London life and travels through the night to a Scottish village where she once spent a childhood holiday. Desperate to avoid a painful loss, she tries to hide away. However, the locals are keen to know more about their unhappy visitor and she is soon tangled in the life of 12-year-old Sanders. Can Paula help her new friend? Can we ever run away from the past?



These Are Our Children

Julie Maxwell (1995, English Literature)

One in five confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage.

One in ten babies will spend time in a neonatal unit.

These sensitive subjects form the heart of Julie Maxwell’s brilliant novel.





Griffin's Book

Paul Griffin (1956, PPE)

This covers over fifty years of an international career by Paul Griffin, a country vicar’s son in advertising, foreign banknote trading and luxury goods. 

Managing Fraud Risk

Steve Giles (1976, Modern History)

As a former forensic accountant for Deloitte, Steve Giles was involved in headline investigations such as the Polly Peck affair.

Now an international consultant in the areas of governance, risk and compliance, he specialises in how to manage financial crime risk and business ethics, with a client list boasting the likes of The London Stock Exchange and the ACCA.

2018 - China goes Critical

Barnaby Powell (1962, Law)

Barnaby Powell with co-author Alex Mackinnon has published his third book on China, 2018 - China goes Critical. This demonstrates the historical waves of chaos that continue to shape modern China - from Sun Yatsen's Revolution to the Bo Xilai Affair - and considers the scale of challenges facing the new Communist Party leadership.

Be Your Own Nutritionist

George Cooper, (1993, Biological Sciences)

When George Cooper developed a severe digestive illness at university he went through gruelling treatments, traumatic surgery and followed endless advice from various practitioners. He turned to alternative therapies, training in traditional Chinese medicine at universities and colleges in the U.K., China and Australia and developing a special interest in food and traditional diet for health. 


The Populist Radical Right in Poland: The Patriots

Dr Rafal Pankowski (1995, PPE)
From political obscurity to the heart of mainstream politics, the recent rise of the extreme right in the Polish context surprised many observers. Rafal Pankowski makes sense of the rapid growth of organized radical nationalism on the political level in Poland by showing its origins, its internal dynamics and the historical, political, social and cultural context that has made it possible.

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