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» Alice in I.D 25

Alice in I.D 25

Edward Wakeling (Education Studies, 1981)

Alice in I. D. 25 by Frank Birch and Dilly Knox, with introductions by Mavis Batey MBE and Edward Wakeling, is a fascinating parody of Alice based on a performance given in London at the end of 1918 and then immediately suppressed because it identified cryptographers working for the Admiralty during WWI. At last it has been released and reprinted with Mavis Batey's annotations giving the background to the code-breaking story (she was a code-breaker herself during WWII at Bletchley Park and knew the original writers), with a paper by Edward Wakeling explaining the Carrollian connections.

The book (64 pp. paperback) is available from Edward Wakeling at £5 plus postage - orders to Other books by Edward Wakeling are available from the Lewis Carroll Society website


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