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» The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad Vol. 7

The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad Vol. 7

Laurence Davies (English, 1960)

This edition brings together all known letters written by the great Anglo-Polish novelist. Even though they often have literary merit in their own right, throw a fresh light on Conrad's life and work, and are characterised by great energy and more than a little quirkiness, many have never previously been published, and a good few of the others have appeared only in rare periodicals. In Volume Seven, covering 1920 to 1922, we see Conrad wondering about his literary legacy, working on fiction about the Napoleonic wars, adapting The Secret Agent for the stage, coming to terms with the divisive politics of post-war Europe, and becoming fascinated by the possibilities of cinema. Towards the end of 2007, Volumes Eight and Nine will appear, concluding the series. Volume Eight covers the last year and a half of his life, and Volume Nine presents over two hundred newly-discovered letters, which are full of surprises. For more information about this book please click here.


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