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The Deceivers

Thaddeus Holt (Law, 1952)

THE DECEIVERS is the first comprehensive history of Allied military deception in World War II, based on recently declassified British and American documentary sources, and on interviews with surviving participants.  Focusing on the individuals who conducted deception operations (including, among many others, House old members John Bevan, chief of the central British deception staff in London, and Peter Fleming, head of deception in India-Burma, as well as the former House don Sir John Masterman, who presided over the use of double agents to feed false information to the Germans), it covers the development of deception techniques from its beginnings in the Middle East to its climax in covering the Normandy invasion, together with deception against the Japanese.  The House's Sir Michael Howard, sometime Regius Professor of Modern History, called it "definitive ... as comprehensive as it is readable and entertaining ... an astonishing achievement, and no library of the war can afford to be without it." 

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