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» The Genesis of Fiction

The Genesis of Fiction

The Genesis of Fiction - Modern Novelists as Biblical Interpreters

Terry Wright (English, 1970)

This book considers a range of twentieth-century novelists who practise a creative mode of reading the Bible, exploring aspects of the Book of Genesis which more conventional biblical criticism sometimes ignores. Each chapter considers some of the interpretive challenges of the relevant story in Genesis, especially those noted by rabbinic midrash, which serves as a model for such creative rewriting of the biblical text. All the novelists considered, from Mark Twain, John Steinbeck and Thomas Mann to Jeanette Winterson, Anita Diamant and Jenny Diski, are shown to have been aware of the midrashic tradition, and in some cases to have incorporated significant elements from it into their own writing. To learn more about this book please click here.


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